Securing Wireless Communications with anthaVPN

Anthasoft: Mobile Information Technology Security

Anthasoft tools were created to meet the needs that arise in information technology and provide security solutions for mobile devices as well as enterprise solutions such as user administration and management solutions. Anthasoft is the leader in security solutions for mobile devices.

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AnthaVPN: Award-Winning VPN Client

Guarantee the security of your wireless connections: anthaVPN Secured by Certicom is an award-winning VPN client that provides secure wireless access to corporate network resources. Built on the IPSec standard, anthaVPN works with leading VPN gateways, handheld devices and wireless networks so you can extend strong, cost-effective security to mobile employees.

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AnthaVPN: Buy Now for Only $79 or 65 Euro
AnthaVPN: Buy Now for Only $79 or 65 Euro