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The New Window Experience


AnthaBounce - Windows Tools

AnthaBounce allows you to immediately view and select from all the windows running on your computer, just those of the active application, or to minimise all windows and display a clear desktop.

The power of today's computers mean that we often have a lot of windows open at the same time; a word processor, a graphics package, a browser window or two, an email client, maybe a development environment, plus windows explorer and a couple of directory windows. Of course our screens haven't got any bigger and the task bar becomes progressively more useless the more windows that are open - so finding the window we want becomes a time consuming, frustrating task. No Longer.

AnthaBounce, at the touch of a key, or a move of the mouse over a hot-spot, shows, in a tiled display, scaled images of all the windows you have running, open or minimised. Click on the one you want and it is instantly brought to the front ready for use.

You can also minimise all windows, leaving a clear desktop or just display scaled images of the windows that are from the application you are currently working on.

AnthaBounce is fully customisable. A click on the icon in the system tray displays a simple to use control panel in which you can set keyboard shortcuts, screen hot-spot behaviours and animation settings.

Like broadband internet, once you have experienced it you'll wonder how you managed without it.

What is AnthaBounce?

AnthaBounce provides a fast method of getting to the window you want when you have several applications running by showing you an exploded view of all windows which are placed on your desktop.

Simply use a keyboard short-cut, or move the mouse into one of desktop corners (screen hot-spots), and AnthaBounce shows all opened windows on one screen. Click on a desired window and it is activated ready for use.

AnthaBounce also allows displaying just the windows running the current active application, and minimizing all open windows, leaving a clear desktop.